Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chili Corn

At the moment we are in the Land of CORN! The farms around our house grow 3 different crops throughout the year. Wheat, Soybeans and Corn. At the moment the corn is drying on the stalks and about ready to be harvested.  Sweet corn has already been harvested and honestly I have never tasted corn as sweet as the stuff grown here in Hyde county. We don't really need a new way to eat it because right off the cob is the best. My son Isaiah eats it raw right off the cob and before we moved here he HATED corn. That should tell you how delicious it really is! Here is a recipe I love to make with corn if you don't like it on the cob, or you need a yummy side dish to take to a potluck. It is delicious!

~Chili Corn~
-Get your grill going.
-Shuck you corn, I did 6 corn on the cobs and the butter was JUST enough so if you do more you will need to use more butter.
-Melt about half  a stick of butter and add in 1TBSP chilli powder
 -Brush on the chilli butter on to Cob and sprinkle with Kosher salt and place on the grill.
-Roast each side of the corn. When done take off the grill. Cut off the Cob into a bowl
 -half an onion diced
 -one diced red bell pepper
 -juice of one lime
-fresh cilantro
-Cayenne pepper (Optional but I would add a little to give a little more spice)

Mix well and enjoy. It really is delicious!

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