Sunday, October 20, 2013

Flour Tortillas

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food! It has been a staple in our house growing up. Since Turkeys were not easy to find when we first moved to Zambia, every year on Christmas, Mom would have a HUGE get together and everyone would bring Mexican food. It was awesome! Enchiladas, soft tacos, queso, Soppapillas, or whatever people wanted to bring. And of course, everything was made from scratch. One of the things we were always in charge of making was tortillas. We had an electric press that would flatten and cook the tortilla dough all at the same time.  What I would do for a H.E.B. to go pick up a fresh pack of hot tortillas. But since I can't, I have added one of those to my kitchen appliances and use it quite often myself. It does make it a bit easier but rolling them out works OK too. Mom would make a lot of batches at one time and freeze them. I do the same because tortillas do freeze well. Plus the moment my husband and sons catch on to that fact that tortillas are being made in the kitchen it becomes a made dash to grab some. So in order to have some available for dinner, I have to double the batch. Plus we need a few for dessert. Hot tortillas with honey and cinnamon drizzled on top.... YUM can't be beat! So I am giving you the recipe from my mom, that has been tested in the bush for about 30 years!

Flour Tortillas
4-5 cups Flour
1 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
1 big Tablespoon shortening.( I use butter flavored)
2 cups warm water.
Mix 4 cups flour with salt, baking powder. Then cut in shortening till blended in good. then add water. Mix well. Roll into balls (about 20-30 )and let sit 10 minutes(this is very important). Roll out and cook. I have an electric tortilla press that presses and cooks them all at the same time. Works great!
~These freeze Great, with wax paper between about every 5.
~Our favorite way to eat these is with honey and cinnamon on them for dessert

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